The number of InstaForex customers exceeds 500 000

The sixth year of work brought InstaForex international broker another landmark figure: 500 000 traders from various countries of the world have registered accounts with the Company. Such an achievement is crucially important and remarkable for any organization, regardless of its specialization. This result has been achieved by InstaForex team by working hard every day, bettering the services and offering InstaForex customers the most reliable and effective solutions on Forex. Moreover, during the last several years InstaForex Company has introduced principally new technologies and systems to its clients. We mentioned just a few of the numerous Company's advantages which have brought it half a million customers.

Hundreds of experienced traders and beginners open accounts with InstaForex Company daily. This is mainly a result of the company's accomplishments over the last years. One of the most significant of them is introduction of innovative products which uplifted the image of a modern forex broker not only in Russia and Asia but in the entire world. Presently, InstaForex Company is a topnotch forex broker pleasing its customers with such progressive offers as the PAMM system which is very effective for both investors and managing traders and the ForexCopy system that is unique as it allows following deals of successful traders. Moreover, the company provides opportunities for trading binary options within the day. In addition, InstaForex clients have a great chance to take part in a wide range of contests, some of which may well result in winning premium classic cars - Lotus Evora and Porsche Cayenne. InstaForex Company also runs some of the most popular forex forums and portals and has the largest system of trading servers and data centres across the globe.

InstaForex team expresses gratitude to every client for high estimation of our work, quality of the comprehensive services we provide and our innovative approach. All these factors have been prerequisites to your confidence and fruitful cooperation with you on the foreign exchange market.

Presently, InstaForex international broker is one of the leaders on Forex. This fact has been proven by many awards. InstaForex Company was titled the Best broker in Asia by World Finance (2009-2011), the Best Broker in Asia at ShowFx exhibitions in Singapore and Malaysia (2010 and 2011), the Best Retail FX Provider by European CEO and at Forex & Investment Summit in Abu Dhabi (2011) and so on and so forth.

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