27.11.202005:43 ফরেক্স বিশ্লেষণ এবং পর্যালোচনা: Forecast for EUR/USD on November 27, 2020


In the absence of American investors in the market, the euro did not dare to overcome the important resistance of the upper line of the price channel on the daily chart on Thursday. Confusion made it possible for a divergence reversal to form with the Marlin oscillator. European stock indexes also showed no desire to rise yesterday, the main ones closed the day with a slight decline. Obviously, the markets will not grow today either, as any negotiations between the UK and the EU on Brexit may end on Monday.

Exchange Rates 27.11.2020 analysis

At the moment, the daily price is between the MACD line and the price channel line. The price can't go up, but now it can slightly go down on closing long positions. Direct short deals on the euro may begin next week.

Exchange Rates 27.11.2020 analysis

The four-hour chart shows that the price is still receiving support from the MACD line, but the signal line of the Marlin oscillator did not rise from its own range (gray rectangle), as we expected yesterday, but now this line can go down from the range. A signal to open short positions is when the price falls below yesterday's low of 1.1885.

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