21.12.2022 03:17 PM
Ark Investment Management begins purchasing Tesla shares actively
Cathie Wood declared that she would keep purchasing shares of Tesla Inc. while US stock indices are attempting to find support amid yet another downward correction following a stressful week that ended last Friday. Ark Investment Management LLC increased its stake in Tesla in the fourth quarter, which shows confidence in billionaire Elon Musk and electric vehicles, despite growing doubts about CEO Elon Musk's ability to run the company.

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Since October 3, when they started their most recent series of purchases, exchange-traded funds backed by Ark Investment Management LLC have bought just over 445,000 shares of the electric vehicle manufacturer. Since Ark started buying Tesla shares seven quarters ago, it appears that the time has already come. Using the average Tesla trading price between October 3 and December 20, we can estimate that Ark purchases during the most recent quarter totaled about $88 million. Even so, Tesla's shares have dropped 61% this year, producing the worst annual revenue in company history.


After the company reported smaller-than-expected losses and earnings that surpassed economists' expectations, Rite Aid stock increased 8.4% in the premarket. Strong sales growth enabled all of this. However, several issues, including seasonal discounts, caused the company to lower its annual forecast.

After the sportswear and shoe manufacturer announced better-than-anticipated quarterly results and increased its revenue forecast, Nike shares increased by 12.6%. Nike was able to get rid of extra inventory during the quarter by offering discounts.

After reporting quarterly results that showed earnings that also beat consensus but sales that fell short of analysts' projections, FedEx increased by 4.5% in premarket trading. The increase in profits and the delivery service's assurance that it would keep slashing costs drastically gave investors hope.

In premarket trading, BlackBerry shares increased by 1% after the company reported quarterly revenue that exceeded expectations due to strong demand for automotive and security software. Additionally, BlackBerry revealed lower-than-anticipated quarterly losses.

According to the S&P 500's technical picture, the index might keep expanding. The main objective for today will be to safeguard $3,830. We can anticipate a more assured upward jerk while trading is conducted above this range, which will lay the groundwork for the trading instrument to strengthen to $3,858 with the potential to reach $3,891. The level of $3,923 is a little higher and will be challenging to surpass. Buyers simply have to declare themselves around $3,830 in the event of a downward movement because only $3,802 is below that level, after which the index will come under more pressure. The trading instrument will quickly reach $3,773 on a breakdown, with the $3,735 region serving as the farthest target.

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