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EU extends economic sanctions against Russia

EU extends economic sanctions against Russia

In Russia, this summer is expected to be full of important events - the Red Square military parade, public vote on constitutional changes, as well as the EU’s recently extended economic sanctions. Moreover, all this is happening against the backdrop of the ongoing challenging coronavirus situation.

Although many experts argued that there were almost no European officials left to support sanctions against Russia as Europe was suffering enormous economic losses, the European Council voted unanimously in favour of extending the restrictive measures. The sanctions imposed after the annexation of Crimea will remain in effect until at least June 26, 2021. The decision was made at the recent online summit of the European member states, following the latest assessment of the state of implementation of the Minsk agreements. German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that based on the progress in implementing the Minsk accords, they could not recommend lifting sanctions against Russia. Therefore, EU leaders agreed to “proceed with the rollover of the sanctions” for another six months.

Obviously, Russia will hardly let it slide and it will take some counter-measures. Experts are sure that the Russian response is forthcoming. The country is expected to use its main weapon in this fight and prolong its embargo on food imports from the EU for further six months.


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