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China ready to strengthen trade and economic ties with US

China ready to strengthen trade and economic ties with US

Beijing has recently appealed to Washington for "joint efforts" to revise trade relations and iron out differences. China intends to strengthen economic and trade fronts with the United States and establish cooperation on the basis of equality and mutual benefit.

A new step to warming up the trade relations with the US was taken by the Minister of Commerce, Wang Wentao, who was appointed just a few days ago. "Co-operation is the only correct choice," Wentao said. "In the next stage, I look forward to our joint efforts with colleagues in the US, in accordance with the recent phone call between the two leaders, to enhance communication and understanding, focus on cooperation, manage differences, and push bilateral economic and trade relations back to the track of cooperation," he pointed out.

This is not the first attempt of China to lobby the new government for readiness to start a new chapter in their trade relations. Earlier, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said that the former government should be blamed for the deterioration of relations between China and the United States. He underlined that the Republican government had been pursuing its own political interests.

Joe Biden has not announced yet a strategy for dealing with Beijing. Therefore, China’s government is testing the water before taking any action. Yet, Chinese officials are sure that currently, nothing can prevent the strengthening of trade and economic relations between the two largest world economies. China is open for a dialog and ready to return to the negotiation table.


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