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Apple employees want to work remotely after pandemic

Apple employees want to work remotely after pandemic

According to The Verge, citing a letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook, the company’s employees oppose a new policy that would require them to return to office three days a week. Many of them want to keep working remotely even after the pandemic. The letter said that staff members were dissatisfied with Apple’s  remote/location-flexible work policy that forced some employees to quit. “Without the inclusivity that flexibility brings, many of us feel we have to choose between either a combination of our families, our well-being, and being empowered to do our best work, or being a part of Apple. This is a decision none of us take lightly, and a decision many would prefer not to have to make,” the letter says. In their message, Apple employees noted that they were able to succeed last year in large part because of working from home. They also mentioned the disconnect between how the executive team thought about remote work. Staff members underlined that despite the distance, they felt even better-connected with colleagues than ever. Earlier, Tim Cook addressed the company’s employees by saying “there has been something essential missing from this past year: each other.” Many Apple staff members would have to return to the office three days a week on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays and work remotely on Wednesdays and Fridays.


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