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Apple car could be announced as soon as next year

Apple car could be announced as soon as next year

US corporation Apple has been working hard for the past few years on developing its own electric vehicle. While the company itself has not yet announced even an approximate production launch date, insiders are happy to share this information.

Digitimes reports that the first electric cars from Apple will be available as early as 2024. This conclusion was made after studying the company's contracts with various suppliers and component manufacturers from Japan and South Korea. Apple representatives are actively involved in the ongoing negotiations and signing agreements for future deliveries, which specify deadlines. Based on these data, it can be concluded that the first electric car will be produced in 2024.

One of the main problems remains the shortage of vehicle components amid the coronavirus pandemic. Major industry players are facing supply disruptions. Now the main task of the negotiators is to find a solution to the problem so that the first Apple Car will be produced in three years. The tech giant has already fallen through the ​deals with Hyundai Motor and Kia Motors and can not afford such mistakes, especially in negotiations with China's Contemporary Amperex Technology and BYD to supply batteries for electric vehicles.

However, the meeting has not yet taken place. Americans insist that manufacturing should be set up in the US, but Chinese producers hold an opinion that such a project would be impossible to implement due to the US-China trade war.


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