Trump says Biden helps China not US

Trump says Biden helps China not US

From time to time, Donald Trump makes ripples on the smooth surface of political life. Apparently, he is not going to give up his career as a politician even after a devastating defeat. Not long ago, he lashed out at the Biden administration for the proposal that may benefit China far more than the US.  

Trump believes that Democrats are doing nothing to improve the situation in the country or raise its prestige. In his outrage, he even accused Biden of some ties with China. Trump was mainly enraged by the controversial bill proposed by Biden: a $1.2 trillion infrastructure plan to support Democratic priorities in education, health, and clean energy. The former president is sure that if Biden's bill receives approval, it will be more lucrative for American entrepreneurs to work in China rather than in the United States.

"Biden's plan will dramatically raise business taxes, one of the highest in the world and significantly higher than in a place called communist China, have you heard of this?" he pointed out.  


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