Ransomware hackers get greedier

Ransomware hackers get greedier

The year 2021 is not over yet. However, ransomware cyberattack victims have already paid more than $400 million to hackers worldwide. The US National Security Council has recently presented a broad report on the earnings of ransomware hackers around the world. Given the figures in this document, one can draw a conclusion that hacking is a gold mine for IT geniuses.

Not long ago, the US government held a two-day conference to combat ransomware computer attacks on business operations across the globe. According to official data, ransomware payments topped $400 million in 2020. Notably, the revenue of cybercriminals has been growing since early 2020 despite the pandemic. In the first quarter of 2021 alone, payments to hackers totaled more than $81 million. The officials also stated that malicious cyberattacks targeted organizations of any size. Cyberattacks also occurred in different corners around the world.

This threat is getting bigger every day. This is why the government has to resort to drastic measures. The Biden administration said that it would unite the efforts of different countries to combat the growing threat of ransomware and other cybercrime. The US authorities have vowed to eradicate cybercrime, including ransomware. US officials also plan to enhance the efficiency of their software against ransomware attacks as well as address "the misuse of virtual currency to launder ransom payments".


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