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Last week, many predicted that OPEC and its allies would inevitably increase oil production by about half a million barrels per day. However, the situation in China, especially fresh local lockdowns in some Chinese cities and provinces, forced us to adjust our forecasts.
Under the new conditions, the most likely scenario suggests an output cut rather than an increase. This reassessment of expectations instantly led to higher oil prices that rallied to $85 per barrel. However, this is obviously an emotional market reaction as the anti-COVID measures introduced by Beijing are balanced by possible steps by OPEC+. In the first case, it is about an inevitable decline in consumption, and in the second one - a drop in supply. In other words, the market is likely to remain in equilibrium. Thus, oil prices may return to $80 per barrel in the near future.
This situation will last until Monday when the EU ban on Russian oil is set to come into force. This issue may be resolved even earlier if Brussels manages to finalize the proposed price ceiling on Russian oil shipments. In this case, the question arises as to Russia’s reaction to this step. Either way, the situation in the energy market is uncertain and unpredictable, which may well cause a steep rise in oil prices. Everything depends on the European Union and the response of Russia.
In the meantime, the volume of long positions decreased considerably after Brent crude oil futures approached the support level of $80. A subsequent technical rebound enabled the asset to add almost $6. Despite such a sharp price reversal, short interest remains intact in the market. If the price returns below 82, it will most likely go down, breaking through the level of 80. Alternatively, if the price consolidates above 87, Brent crude may accelerate its corrective move towards the 90 mark.
Despite yesterday’s choppy trade, gold prices held steady around $1,750 per ounce. Now investors are awaiting tomorrow's preliminary inflation data for the euro area. If the reading meets analysts’ forecasts suggesting a slowdown in consumer prices, gold will probably gain upside momentum, at least in the short term. The metal may head towards $1,800 per ounce. After all, monetary policy tightening by major central banks exerts strong pressure on gold, while signs of cooling inflation may prompt the regulator to slow down the pace of interest rate hikes. So the situation in the gold market will hardly change until tomorrow.
Traders are recommended to be guided by the following levels: 1,765 in case of an uptrend and 1,730 in the event of a downward move.
As for the Russian currency, the dollar managed to rise above the mark of 61 rubles for the first time in a long time.
In fact, history seems to be repeating itself. The ruble first stands still, albeit with a fairly high amplitude of fluctuations. Then market volatility subsides, which results in a prolonged decline in the value of the Russian currency. Then the ruble gradually returns to its original levels.
Thus, the volume of long positions on the dollar will increase if the price consolidates above the level of 62. However, one should not make hasty conclusions.
The key factor affecting the ruble is now the European Union’s decision on a Russia oil price cap. Negotiations are still underway. At the same time, their participants barely have time as the price cap mechanism is to enter into force on December 5. This means that the market will most likely spend the current week reeling, depending on the talks. However, any decision is expected to put strong pressure on the ruble and contribute to its weakening.

00:00 Introduction
00:25 Situation on the oil market
01:15 Russian oil price ceiling What's next?
01:58 Brent
02:42 Gold
03:49 USD/RUB
04:34 The ruble and the expected decision of the EU on the oil price ceiling
05:10 Conclusion


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