Klienti společnosti InstaForex mohou využívat nejnovější softwarový nástroj, Autochartist. Nástroj funguje online pro více než 500 obchodních nástrojů a signalizuje ty nejziskovější obchodní příležitosti. Používáním Autochartistu vám je umožněno provádět obchody na forexovém trhu. V této sekcí, klienti společnosti InstaForex mají možnost zdarma si stáhnout plugin Autochartist.

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Podívat se na video

Autochartist products

Our Favourites

New option of Autochartis Service. Our Favourites” is a list of currently active potential trading opportunities that Autochartist has calculated to have the highest probability of success based on historical performance*. Every opportunity is evaluated against past performance with respect to the pattern type, the instrument and the time of day it was identified.

Chart Patterns

You can receive automatic notifications at the moment when Autochartist is identifying either emerging or completed Chart Patterns such as triangles, wedges, tops, and bottoms. Autochartist also provides an automatically generated forecast level based on the Chart Pattern theory.
Autochartist covers Forex, Equities, Futures, CFD and Spread Betting markets. The Autochartist users are notified by a sound or visible alert when emerging and completed patterns are defined. All Chart Patterns are easily understood as support and resistance levels are clearly illustrated. Being a truly versatile tool, Autochartist Chart Patterns allow beginners to apply technical analysis to their trading, at the same time offering professional traders a powerful scanning tool which spares time for them to improve their skills and make their strategies more effective.

Fibonacci Patterns

Get automatic alerts on emerging and completed Fibonacci Patterns from a correction, straightforward extensions, ABCD patterns, to more complex formations like Gartley and Butterfly.
Autochartist automatically identifies Fibonacci Patterns illustrating the levels at which support or resistance is expected to be according to the theory of the Golden Ratio. These levels can play the key role for stop loss placement and determining trading strategies. Autochartist also recognozes patterns being in the process of forming. It gives Fibonacci traders a good tip on further high-potential trade opportunities.

Volatility Analysis

Volatility Analysis gives traders a clearer view of relative movements of instruments such as:
  • Moving averages at certain points in different time frames
  • The possibility of upward or downward movement (based on historical data)
  • Expected maximum price movement (statistical highs and lows) in various time frames
  • Expected price movement in daily and hourly charts
This tool is very useful for the development of new trading plans or for the updating of already applied trading strategies. Being an important tool of Autochartist along with Price Figures and Fibonacci Figures, Volatility Analysis helps traders set stop loss and take profit at proper levels. It eases risk determination and aids in choosing appropriate trading instruments.

Key Levels

Horizontal Support and Resistance are frequently met at important price levels.
The tool “Key Levels” from Autochartist identifies these levels and informs a trader when a price is approaching or breaking through these levels.
Key Levels from Autochartist automatically determine these price levels as “Breakout” or “Approach”.

Market Reports

Market Reports are automatically generated on the basis of efficient identification algorithms from Autochartist. Three Market Reports on Forex and raw commodity market situation are released daily, and the report on stock exchanges in New York, London, and Tokyo comes out once a day. The users who subscribe to Market Reports from Autochartist are provided with the technical review of the markets every 24-48 hours.

How to use Autochartist

Web Aplication

The Autochartist web application analyzes charts and identifies patterns being formed right in your browser window.
To see the results of the program work, you need only to sign on using the login and password from your InstaForex Client Cabinet.


The Autochartist plug-in is an indicator analyzing charts in MetaTrader automatically.
Thus, having it integrated in your computer, you can use the Autochartist recommendations along with other instruments available in MT4.

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