04.07.201801:39 Forex Analysis & Reviews: Merkel saves the coalition-and retains the post of Chancellor

Long-term review

Merkel saves the coalition-and retains the post of Chancellor

On Monday, after heavy negotiations until late in the evening, German Chancellor Merkel managed to reach a compromise with the coalition partner - the CSU party (Bavaria), represented by the leader of the party, Seehofer, who is also the minister of the interior in the government of Merkel.

Earlier, Seehofer demanded the right to stop refugee migrants at the border - and send them back if they had already obtained refugee status in another EU country. Merkel was against this, rightly believing that this threatens to destroy the fragile agreement within the EU on the issue of migrants from Africa - and cause a chain reaction of border control. Seehofer insisted on his right (he runs the border guard service) - and gave Merkel an ultimatum: either we stop the refugees - or he resigns - with the risk of the collapse of the party coalition of the CDU - CSU.

Merkel held the EU summit on migrants and hardly persuaded critics (Italy, in particular) to preserve unity on the issue of refugees by arranging "refugee reception centers".

Seehofer continued to demand more stringent control after the summit.

And here is the compromise: "The refugee centers" will be created on the German border - for those who have received refugee status in another EU country. Speaking Russian - now these refugees will not enter Germany again, they will sit in the "detention center" and Germany will try to return them to the receiving country.

Either way, the government of Merkel is currently saved, Seehofer is not leaving, the euro gets support.

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Jozef Kovach,
Analytical expert
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