US stock market sets new records

US stock market sets new records

The situation in the US stock market seems to be vague. Some analysts warn traders about a possible collapse, but official stock market data proves the opposite. Experts have been predicting the market slump for decades, however, there are always reasons for a rise.

The early decay of the US and its stock market, in particular, has been delayed for an indefinite period. Those who still believe in the US early collapse may continue watching TV programs to feed their expectations. The official stock market statistics show that the US market is experiencing record growth.

The S&P 500, one of the key indices, has become the leader of this race. The indicator exceeded the level of 4,000 points for the first time in its history. Such a record rise was mainly caused by US President Joe Biden’s stimulus plan worth more than $2 trillion.

Such great government support led to a wave of optimism in the market, thus boosting not only the S&P 500 but also other indices. Thus, the Dow Jones Industrial Average added 58 points and Nasdaq advanced by 230 points.

The fact is that the current surge is taking place amid the already high stock prices. That is why investors have to make difficult decisions. On the one hand, the uptrend is extremely strong and it is likely to continue. On the other hand, stocks are too expensive to buy, especially those of the companies with big market capitalization.  


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