BlockFi to launch BlockFi Rewards Credit Card

BlockFi to launch BlockFi Rewards Credit Card

Bitcoin could soon become an intrinsic part of our daily life. Several years ago, we could hardly imagine that the flagship cryptocurrency would be accepted as an official means of payment at the state level. Today, there are even credit cards that offer rewards in bitcoin. BlockFi has become the world’s first company to issue a bitcoin reward credit card. BlockFi Rewards Visa cardholders will now earn 1.5% back on each purchase. They can also receive a 2% bitcoin reward on every dollar spent over $50,000 annually. To attract new customers, the company will offer its clients a 3.5% bitcoin reward rate that spans the first 90 days of card ownership. According to BlockFi’s official website, the introductory offer will be capped at $100 in BTC. The tempting proposition sparked lively interest among people, and the number of applications for a card is growing every day. BlockFi CEO Zac Prince expects everyone on the waitlist to receive their card around the end of July. Bitcoin reward cards are currently issued by Visa and are available for customers in the US.


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