UN urges to increase investment in environmental projects

UN urges to increase investment in environmental projects

Every year, the world faces more and more severe and devastating climate disasters. It is hot in regions where the weather is usually cold in certain seasons. Heavy winds and rains often destroy cities. Therefore, UN experts are calling for increased investment in projects aimed at protecting the environment. The last decade with its apocalyptic fires and floods, cyclones, and hurricanes justified analysts' fears.

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) report states that climate deviations of the last 10 years are becoming the new normal. The current level of CO2 emissions is 62% higher than in 1990.

UNEP experts believe that in the current situation, humanity has to adapt to the new reality, namely a rapidly changing climate. For instance, people should construct buildings that are capable of withstanding hurricanes, floods, and earthquakes. Dangerous cyclones and storms are expected to increase in frequency due to climate change. Experts recommend building round-shaped houses taking into account the aerodynamic load.

The UN Practical Guide for the construction of climate resilient buildings and Communities suggests that citizens should green urban space in order to lower the air temperature in the heat and reduce gas pollution. "For example, this includes design approaches to minimize heat gain, which could be applied to single-family homes in hot and arid and hot and humid regions but also upscaled for larger commercial or governmental buildings. Many of these countries can also have regions that experience cold or temperate weather; therefore, the report also includes some design ideas for cold and temperate climates," the report states.

According to scientists, by 2050, high temperatures will become normal for most cities on the planet. Experts call them 'heat islands'.

When adapting to new climatic conditions, the construction industry, which accounts for 38% of global hydrocarbon emissions, will play a significant role. UNEP experts are confident that after the COVID-19 pandemic, humanity needs to try harder to overcome social inequality, as well as actively invest in economic development that benefits the environment.



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