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Monitoring of account 5052384 - LwnForex
General information Indicators Last updated: 06 Apr 02:00
Broker InstaForex
Account 5052384
Account type PAMM
Project name
E-mail Available in the PAMM-cabinet
Name Hidden
Icq Hidden
Skype Hidden
Active investors 0
Forum topic 5052384 - Аккуратно и уверенно
Simple rating 0.0
Balance 0.85 USD
Equity 0.85 USD
Current trades 0
Total trades 207
Last day balance 0.00 USD
Balance from begin -99.15 USD
Last day equity 0.00 USD
Equity from begin -99.15 USD
Total profit -11.00%
Project's profit
Daily profit Weekly profit Monthly profit 3-month profit 6-month profit 9-month profit Total profit
0.00% 0.00% 0.00% -0.23% -0.23% -0.57% -11.00%

PAMM-project yield statistics for the specified period.

Trading aggression
Very high
The indicator measures the trading aggression rate by margin (in percent) on the account for the time since the account was added to Monitoring. The maximum aggression rate is 100%. Low aggression corresponds to 0-5% margin, medium aggression corresponds to 5-15% margin, high aggression corresponds to 15-25% margin, and very high aggression corresponds to over 25%.
Investment terms
Set number Minimum investment amount Commission Minimum investment period Penalty
1 1 USD 50% 0 days 0 hours 0%
2 47 USD 47% 3 days 0 hours 3%
3 450 USD 45% 7 days 0 hours 3%
4 4000 USD 40% 12 days 0 hours 3%
Investment calculator
PAMM-project assessment
1 vote This assessment of the PAMM-project is subjective and based on the average votes left for this project in the InstaForex PAMM-cabinet.
Description of project
This account widgets
Best time to invest when there is no current transactions Лучшее время для инвестиций когда нет текущих сделок (см.выше) The trader has not provided addition information on his account or strategy. You can request it by contacting the trader. The trader has not provided addition information on his account or strategy. You can request it by contacting the trader.
Agent commission

The PAMM trader set 10% the commission paid to partners from every successful investment in his account.

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Visitor statistics
Type Per day Per week Per month
Views 0 0 4
Hosts 0 0 4

The project visitor statistics for the specified period.

Direct investing
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Balance & Equity
Profit percent
Distribution of funds
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