02.06.202012:18:00UTC+00Spain Unemployment Rises In May

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Spain's unemployment increased in May but the monthly increase was much smaller than that reported in April and March, as restrictions imposed to curb the spread of coronavirus, started to ease.

The number of registered unemployed increased 26,573 in May from the previous month, data from the Ministry of Labor, Migration and Social Security revealed on Tuesday. The overall unemployment totaled 3.857 million in May.

In April, unemployment had surged 282,891 and by 302,265 in March.

In May, unemployment decreased by 23,717 in construction and by 262 in industry. In the service sector, unemployment surged 40,784 and by 710 in agriculture.

Data showed that unemployment among youth aged below 25, increased by 7,752 in May from the previous month.

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