InstaForex international online broker declares its sixth trading server to be opened. InstaForex-Europe.com 5-digit server is located in Europe. It meets all the company's requirements regarding quality and speed of dealing, which is especially essential amid increasingly more European citizens becoming company’s clients.

The new European server has several data centres, thus it can satisfy the demands of many traders regardless of where they are. Not only the server will ensure high quality and prompt order execution for European traders, but it will also ease the load of the other InstaForex servers.

Opening the sixth trading server is one of the company's steps towards better trading conditions which is to make them suitable for each trader. Now when registering an InstaForex account each company's client can select any server in compliance with his preferences and geographical location.

At present, the system of InstaForex servers and data centres comprises 6 trading servers and over 20 data centres worldwide, which ensure safe and high-quality service used by more than 250,000 clients all over the world.

We are sure that your trading will become even more enjoyable with another trading server launched.

Trade and make profit with InstaForex Company!

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