09.08.2022 05:36 AM
US stock market closed mixed, Dow Jones up 0.09%

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At the close of the New York Stock Exchange, the Dow Jones rose 0.09%, the S&P 500 fell 0.12%, and the NASDAQ Composite fell 0.10%.

The leading performer among the components of the Dow Jones index today was Walt Disney Company, which gained 2.48 points or 2.33% to close at 109.11. Quotes Dow Inc rose by 0.66 points (1.28%), ending trading at 52.15. Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc rose 0.49 points or 1.26% to close at 39.48.

The biggest losers were JPMorgan Chase & Co, which shed 1.41 points or 1.22% to end the session at 114.35. Visa Inc Class A was up 2.55 points (1.18%) to close at 213.32, while McDonald's Corporation was down 2.43 points (0.94%) to close at 256. .80.

Leading gainers among the S&P 500 index components in today's trading were Penn National Gaming Inc, which rose 5.56% to hit 36.05, Gap Inc, which gained 5.44% to close at 10.27, and also shares of General Motors Company, which rose 4.16% to close the session at 37.56.

The biggest losers were Tyson Foods Inc, which shed 8.40% to close at 80.10. Shares of NVIDIA Corporation lost 6.30% and ended the session at 177.93. Enphase Energy Inc lost 4.38% to 287.74.

Leading gainers among the components of the NASDAQ Composite in today's trading were Helbiz Inc, which rose 114.64% to 1.61, TOP Financial Group Ltd, which gained 102.66% to close at 20.57, and also shares of Karuna Therapeutics Inc, which rose 71.84% to end the session at 241.19.

Shares of Reata Pharmaceuticals Inc became the leaders of the decline, which decreased in price by 32.61%, closing at 24.06. Shares of Uniqure NV lost 27.02% to end the session at 18.64. Quotes of Nuzee Inc decreased in price by 24.32% to 0.84.

On the New York Stock Exchange, the number of securities that rose in price (2119) exceeded the number of those that closed in the red (1018), while quotes of 123 shares remained virtually unchanged. On the NASDAQ stock exchange, 2399 companies rose in price, 1436 fell, and 229 remained at the level of the previous close.

The CBOE Volatility Index, which is based on S&P 500 options trading, rose 0.66% to 21.29.

Gold futures for December delivery added 0.79%, or 14.15, to $1.00 a troy ounce. In other commodities, WTI September futures rose 1.51%, or 1.34, to $90.35 a barrel. Brent oil futures for October delivery rose 1.37%, or 1.30, to $96.22 a barrel.

Meanwhile, in the Forex market, the EUR/USD pair remained unchanged at 0.13% to 1.02, while USD/JPY advanced 0.05% to hit 135.04.

Futures on the USD index fell 0.20% to 106.28.

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