exchange service is an authorized partner of InstaForex Company. In May 2009, the companies signed an agreement to create the reserve fund for the exchange service, which is to be funded by InstaForex Group. It has been used to hedge the customers’ risks including the consequences of money laundering through the exchanger and other problems of financial online systems.

The reserve fund of $100,000 is a minimum collateral of every operation executed by Once the reserve fund is used, the companies are ready to consider its increase. InstaForex regards the creation of the fund with as a factor enhancing the clients’ confidence in the systems of electronic currency exchange services and raising their popularity.

Since the reserve fund was established and the agreement between two companies was signed, has been official media and advertising partner of InstaForex Group. All advertising materials of InstaForex Group placed on the website is sponsored by providing the reserve fund to the exchange service.

InstaForex Group is extending its presence in the Internet and ready to consider setting up more reserve funds with other e-currency exchange services. We believe that existence of such funds raises the service level of any exchanger.

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