Insta Futures trading

Trade objective: EUR/USD rate fluctuations

Trade period: one week

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Contracts for the future rate of EUR/USD

Short-term trades: trading within one week

Trading against other traders of the company which can lead to higher probability of success

Favorable trading fees: 0.5% of trade size

Trade Insta Futures for one week

and secure the opportunity to buy an asset at the best price

EUR/USD rate on Friday
EUR/USD rate on Monday

Trade results

The final transaction price depends on the closing price relative to the opening price of the week.

* If the EUR/USD rate rises on Friday compared to the opening price on Monday, the trade is closed at 1.0000. If the price falls, then the trade results in 0.0000. If the price stays the same, the trade closes at 0.5000.

08 Mar 2021 06:13
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EURUSDweek futures calculator

Maximum profit
Maximum loss
Value of 1 pip
Trade size
* The margin for maintaining open positions will be 2/3 of the margin requirement

How it works?

Bet on EUR/USD growth?
Buy futures
Changed your mind?
You have time to close the deal until Friday at 9 p.m.
Are you expecting a fall in price?
Open a SELL deal

21:00 on Friday

STOP trading

00:00 on Saturday

trade results

The trades will be closed at 21:00* on Friday. The trades will expire at 00:00* on Saturday.
*according to the platform time

How to find InstaForex futures
Launch MetaTrader 4 or an exchange platform, find Market Watch and press the right mouse button to open an additional menu. Select the Symbols option from the drop-down list and choose the required type of futures.

If you have any questions regarding Insta Futures trading, please email at [email protected]

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