Each InstaForex trading account of the 1234567 format has an InstaWallet purse bound to it with the unique ID i1234567. As you can see, the purse ID and the trading account number almost coincide, except for the symbol "i" in the front.

Example: The trading account 4444 has the purse i4444; likewise, the trading account 7777 is bound to the wallet i7777.

Adding funds to the wallet means moving funds from the InstaForex trading account to the purse in the InstaWallet system

The owner of an InstaForex trading account can have funds instantly transferred from his/her account to InstaWallet. The funds can be returned to the trading account in the same manner (transfer of money from the wallet to the trading account) or sent to a different purse in the InstaWallet system.

Transfer between purses within the InstaWallet system

Every user of InstaWallet system can transfer money to another InstaWallet. However, each transaction is final and nonreversible. The amount of transfers varies depending on the trading account verification level. If a client wants to raise his daily and monthly transaction limits, he should increase his trading account verification level.

 - Zero verification level allows you transferring $0 daily and $0 monthly.

 - The first verification level allows you transferring $100 daily and $2,500 monthly.

 - The second verification level allows you transferring $2.500 daily and $25.000 monthly.

Example: The owner of the wallet i4444 transferred 1000.00 USD to the wallet i7777. The operation was executed within 1 second, no commission fees for the transaction were taken.

Uploading funds into InstaWallet

It is possible to add funds to your InstaWallet purse by sending them from your InstaForex trading account. The InstaForex trading account which you would like to use for uploading money to your wallet can be replenished by the standard means, listed here.

Withdrawing funds from InstaWallet

Withdrawal of funds from your InstaWallet purse is accomplished by the operation of the money transfer to InstaForex trading account. Thereafter, the funds on the InstaForex trading account can be withdrawn using one of the standard methods listed here.

Nota bene: Employing the InstaWallet system for exchange of funds between payment systems is forbidden. Please familiarize yourself carefully with the InstaWallet Public Offer Agreement.

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