The analytical materials presented in the section are a piece of intellectual work accomplished by InstaForex analysts.
The reviews shall not be regarded as a direct recommendation or incentive to actions; they only comprise the analysis of the current Forex market stance. Sometimes the attitude of different analysts as to changes on the market vary, thus we advise you to adhere to releases of a certain expert, who, in your opinion, estimates the situation on the international currency market accurately and clearly.

Forex Analytical Reviews

The section contains the analytical reviews of the latest events on the market. The information of the analytical articles is divided into six major types: fundamental analysis, fractal analysis, wave analysis, technical analysis, reviews, and forecasts.

Forex Calendar

Forex Calendar is undoubdtfully essential tool of every trader today. The calendar comprises a full list of Forex market events as well as holidays' schedule.

Forex News

Forex News by InstaForex Company offers the up-to-date information from the world's financial markets. InstaForex is officially subscribed to the news feed by the most reliable and acknowledged media agencies of the world.

Prime News

This section is daily replenished by prime news on the financial markets. Here you will find the latest information on the market's trends, currency and shares quotes, mergers, acquisitions, and investments, as well as experts' forecasts, periodic reports on major indicators and indices, news on the euro area and other material that can help you to develop your own trading strategy. The Prime News is the accurate, quick, and valuable information from all over the world.

Forex inside

The Forex inside section offers you the statistics on the Forex traders' activity. Thanks to the fact that more than 7 000 000 clients from all over the world have chosen InstaForex as their broker, the released data shows the exact figures of the current market trends. This section will be useful particularly to those traders who use the fundamental analysis as a base of their trading strategy.

Pattern Graphix

Pattern Graphix is a plug-in for the MetaTrader4 trading platform. It serves as an indicator for graphical patterns. The indicator allows traders to analyze trading charts and determine the exit point to leave the market or decide on the type of a trade. It also has a function of immediate signals which appear when a graphical pattern is formed.

Forex TV

Real Forex TV that presents the educational programs about the foreign exchange market, daily and weekly analytical reviews as well as interviews with trainers and masters of Forex.

Market map

The market map is a new tool for trading on the currency market, developed by InstaForex. The market map enables you to quickly appraise the situation on major stock exchanges of the US, Canada, Switzerland, the UK, China. Trading data is based on the information from US Stock Exchanges NYSE and NASDAQ.

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