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EURUSD 1.0984 1.0987
GBPUSD 1.5624 1.5627
USDJPY 123.86 123.89
USDCHF 0.9665 0.9668
USDCAD 1.309 1.3093
EURJPY 136.06 136.09
EURCHF 1.0616 1.0619
GBPJPY 193.52 193.59
GBPCHF 1.51 1.5107
GOLD 1095.24 1095.84

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ForexCopy Monitoring

On this page you can see the monitoring list of ForexCopy trading accounts, which you can choose to copy trades from. Thanks to the monitoring list, the follower can be up to date with the efficiency of ForexCopy trader`s strategy over a setup period. Moreover, every participant of the system is able to apply various sorting and searching parameters to the list of ForexCopy traders.

The advanced search was designed for quick customization of the monitoring table and convenient access to the ForexCopy account statistics. It helps you save your settings and the search results, make ForexCopy traders favourite, and add to or remove the columns from the table for sorting.

You can add your account to the monitoring list on the InstaForex official website.

The ForexCopy system by InstaForex ensures the automatic processing of the following operations:
  • Follower`s copying of trades;
  • Follower`s request to cancel subscription;
  • Regular update of ForexCopy account statistics;
  • Calculation and crediting of commission to the ForexCopy trader.