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EURUSD 1.1057 1.106
GBPUSD 1.5254 1.5257
USDJPY 119.8 119.83
USDCHF 0.9664 0.9667
USDCAD 1.2438 1.2441
EURJPY 132.47 132.5
EURCHF 1.0687 1.069
GBPJPY 182.73 182.8
GBPCHF 1.4741 1.4748
GOLD 1200.38 1200.98

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Forex in your mobile

The international broker InstaForex tends to meet exquisite needs of every single customer working on foreign exchange market. So that every InstaForex client, despite the location, had an access to the currency quotes, a special service was launched for all types of mobile devices.

The service of online quotes makes the quotes of main currency pairs available in real time mode. Moreover, the system of mobile quotes has good filters which exclude a possibility of slippage. In order to activate the service follow the link, and the quotes by InstaForex will be shown on your mobile device.

InstaForex has also launched a mobile version of the website which allows to be on top of the latest InstaForex news as well as of all currency market news. If you are a busy person and if you cannot spend all day working on PC and monitoring the markets and trades, is exactly what you need.

A vivid advantage of mobile services and is their universality.

The mobile quotes and mobile version of the InstaForex website are available in any operation system and any mobile browser.

Please, find below the mobile versions of the website:

And the mobile version of online quotes:

Download it here: