03.08.202107:48:00UTC+00Spain Unemployment Declines At Record Pace In July

Spain unemployment declined at a record pace in July as the labor market started to recover from the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, data from the labor ministry showed on Tuesday.

Exceeding the record falls of the previous two months, unemployment decreased sharply by 197,841 in July. Unemployment was down 166,911 in June and 129,378 in May.

In seasonally adjusted terms, registered unemployment fell by 191,756 in July. Unemployment decreased by 133,658 in services and by 13,158 in industry. In construction sector, unemployment dropped 10,154 and fell 8,880 in the farm sector.

Unemployment among young people aged below 25 years decreased by 36,926 people or 12.34 percent in July compared to the previous month.

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