Biden unveils 'once-in-a-generationon' $2 trillion plan

Biden unveils 'once-in-a-generationon' $2 trillion plan

It is good when the government has so much money at its disposal that even Scrooge McDuck would envy it. With its help, it is possible to save the economy endlessly and boldly give it away to the population, calling these funds financial aid. From this perspective, the United States can be considered a lucky winner. 

The US authorities have impressed the rest of the world once again by announcing yet another large-scale stimulus plan to support both the economy and American citizens. Enthusiasm about generous checks from ex-President Donald Trump has just faded as it has been reported about a new $2 trillion relief plan.

"It's a once-in-a-generation investment in America, unlike anything we've seen or done since we built the Interstate Highway System and the Space Race decades ago," US President Joe Biden said.

Some experts suggest that this money will not be enough to support even the US population. Nevertheless, the US government promises to invest $621 billion in transportation infrastructure, $400 billion in elderly and disabled Americans care, and $300 billion in manufacturing. Given the real value of the greenback, the US administration’s modesty looks surprising. After all, managing such funds, any government can promise its citizens even broader than just trillion dollar packages. In fact, by assuring people that these promises will be fulfilled by 2030, the size of the stimulus plan can be unlimited.


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