Crypto market cap hits $2 trillion

Crypto market cap hits $2 trillion

In early February, the trading volume of the cryptocurrency market approached what seemed to be the highest value of $1 trillion. This was a difficult mark to reach, but right after that, it was all plain sailing. Amid an ultra-fast rally, the prices of cryptocurrencies surged to fresh all-time highs, thus pushing the value of the entire crypto market higher. Positive news from the crypto world has sparked interest in virtual currencies and attracted even more investors. So, In April, the total value of the crypto market has skyrocketed to $2 trillion. Naturally, bitcoin makes up more than half of the entire market cap, hitting $1.1 trillion. It is followed by Ethereum which accounts for $245 billion of the market capitalization. Finally, the total market value of the Binance Coin is $58 billion. Experts note that there is growing enthusiasm about digital assets that are now perceived as an alternative to gold.  Many institutional investors have gained trust in bitcoin and consider using it as a means of payment in the near future. Thus, American company PayPal allowed its users to pay with virtual coins.  From now on, PayPal users in the US will be able to pay for services and goods with bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin.


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