Trump considers pushing Russia toward China wrong

Trump considers pushing Russia toward China wrong

It seems that the voice of former US President Donald Trump will echo on the background for a good while. Commonly, when American presidents step down from office, they rarely intrude into the current state of affairs in the country. Thus, Barack Obama, unlike Trump, minds his own business and never discusses his colleagues.

Meanwhile, Mr. Trump misses being in the center of attention as well as his former glory. He keeps making various statements on any occasion. The ex-president now offers the current administration advice on how it should develop relations with Russia on talk shows. He believes that having a good relationship with Vladimir Putin is important and suggests that the US should get along with Russia instead of pushing it towards China.

As a matter of fact, Washington no longer sees Russia as its main opponent and rival and competes for world dominance with China. If Russia was not directed towards destabilization of the situation in the region, it would have gone completely off the radar and would only attract attention during military exercises, like North Korea does.

Mr. Trump assumes that Russia’ pariah status urges it to ally with China, which does not serve the interest of the US. Moreover, China still sees Siberia as part of its territory. Therefore, China should not be given a chance to antagonize the US by allying with Russia.


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