US farmers bet sustainable eggs to be next big thing

US farmers bet sustainable eggs to be next big thing

Recently, there have been lots of reasonable and quite wild proposals on how to combat climate change. For instance, in the US, farmers are sure that they will save the planet by producing eco-friendly eggs.

The new approach allows farmers to lock in greenhouse gases in the soil, which means that the new type of eggs is more sustainable and makes no harm to nature. Therefore, such eggs cost eight times more than normal ones. It took producers less than 10 years to convince consumers to pay four times more for organic eggs and seven times more for eggs from chickens that were raised in more favorable conditions. Notably, the average price of usual eggs in the United States does not exceed one dollar.

Consumers are willing to pay for products marked free-range chickens and non-GMO. They are happy to support the idea of eco-friendly egg production. Surveys show that the younger generation is deeply concerned about climate change. In addition, high demand for plant-based meat indicates the awareness of consumers about eco-friendly products. Researchers have also suggested that by 2035, a tenth of meat, eggs, dairy products, and seafood will be made from alternative proteins.



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