Johnson wants to build flagship to promote British trade

Johnson wants to build flagship to promote British trade

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has proposed a strange way of representing the United Kingdom around the world. The politician suggested building a huge flagship that would enter foreign sea ports and promote British trade and investment.

However, not everyone has welcomed the prime minister's idea. Boris Johnson faced backlash from businesses and the public. The opponents harkened back to the bygone days when the Royal Yacht Britannia was the symbol of the British Empire. 

“I think the fact that no other country has a ship like this is because the idea is now so long out of date and there are more modern ways of presenting the high tech face of Britain to the world,” Peter Ricketts, a retired diplomat and independent member of the House of Lords, said.

The opposition Labour Party refrained from talking about the past but suggested that taxpayer money could be better spent. They offered Johnson to invest public money in the green economy and the National Health Service. According to preliminary estimates, the flagship will cost the UK around £200 million and its construction will take four years.


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