ETH may outperform BTC in near future

ETH may outperform BTC in near future

In a complicated and unpredictable battle between bitcoin and ether, the latter one has taken the lead. Evaluating prospects of ETH growth, more and more analysts admit that it may outperform bitcoin in just several years. The fact is that ether’s outlook looks more convincing.

The recent survey conducted by CoinShares unveiled that 42% of polled investors “see Ethereum as having the most compelling growth outlook.” At the same time, only 18% believe that BTC may face a rosy future. At the moment, both cryptocurrencies are popular among investors. Almost 30% of respondents invest their funds in ether and bitcoin. Cardano and Polkadot are also among the most popular crypto assets. The survey also showed that “35% of investors see their investments into digital assets as predominantly a speculative one.” However, 25% see it as a “diversification tool.” At the same time, “politics, government bans and regulation make up 58% of the perceived key risks for digital assets”. 

In general, during the year, ETH has appreciated by more than 900%. The currency’s market cap hit $412 billion, whereas  bitcoin's market value is $1 trillion. Analysts provide positive forecasts for bitcoin, expecting a jump to $100,000.



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