Biden gives green light to Nord Stream 2

Biden gives green light to Nord Stream 2

It is hard to explain why US President Joe Biden waived congressionally mandated sanctions on the pipeline. Even at the beginning of the pipeline construction, it was obvious that it was a political project rather than a commercial one. Although the US position looks like a losing one, there are still some doubts.

Chris Pleasance at Daily Mail is sure that US President Joe Biden “gave the green light to a controversial gas pipeline that Vladimir Putin is now using to hold Europe to ransom by threatening to withhold supplies and push up the price of energy.” He also believes that the decision to lift sanctions that halted the construction may allow Russia to take control over the European energy market. The Kremlin regained the opportunity to affect pricing and took up the leading positions in the European gas market. “Russian engineers finished work on Nord Stream 2 last month and now only need EU leaders to give final approval to start pumping gas - a bargaining chip that Moscow has wasted no time in using to threaten the continent,” Chris Pleasance emphasized.

Notably, Joe Biden green-lit the completion of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline in May, when he lifted sanctions that had halted construction until 2020. Both critics and supporters of the US president were stumped by this strange action. Since Europe has entered the energy crisis and meteorologists are forecasting a cold winter, gas prices may skyrocket. In this case, Russia will have even more reasons to establish its own rules.


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