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Account Gain Balance Total profit PAMM system
Trader Avatar

$ 87846.7 USD
$ 80844.95 USD
Trader Avatar

$ 56369.27 USD
$ 50868.22 USD
Trader Avatar

Man Tab FC
$ 37034.7 USD
$ 32034.7 USD
Trader Avatar

$ 67444.1 USD
$ 66694.1 USD
Trader Avatar

Golden Bridge 30
$ 46510.75 USD
$ 32587.75 USD
*When choosing an account pay close attention to the financial results of this account excluding opened deals.
** The overall income for the entire lifespan of the account. It is important to remember that profit in the past does no guarantee profit in the future.

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Account Gain Total profit
+256.18 $ 7 001.75  USD
+217.36 $ 5 501.05  USD
Man Tab FC
+170.67 $ 5 000.00  USD
+88.63 $ 750.00  USD
Golden Bridge 3...
+53.53 $ 13 923.00  USD
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