Sărbători viitoare
Data Sărbătoare Țări
29 October, Thu
The Prophet Muhammad's Birthday
Muhammad's Birthday
Prophet's Birthday
Republic Day
Maulid un-Nabi
31 October, Sat
Reformation Day
All Saints
1 November, Sun
All Saints
Revival Day
All Saints Day
All Saints' Day
Remembrance Day
2 November, Mon
All Souls' Day
All Saints Day
All Souls Day
All Soul's Day
All Saints
All Saint's Day
3 November, Tue
Election Day
Birthday of Muhammad and Imam Sadeq
Culture Day
Independence Day
Independence of Cuenca
4 November, Wed
Unity Day observed
Flag Day
5 November, Thu
Guy Fawkes Day
Colon Day
8 November, Sun
Journalists' Day
Remembrance Sunday
Father's Day
9 November, Mon
Constitution Day
10 November, Tue
Shout in Villa de los Santos
Ataturk Memorial Day
11 November, Wed
St. Martin's Day
Remembrance Day
Armistice Day
Veterans Day observed
Remembrance Day observed
Independence Day
14 November, Sat
Colombian Woman Day
15 November, Sun
National Day of Mourning
Republic Proclamation Day
7-5-3 Day
16 November, Mon
Independence of Cartagena
Revolution Day Memorial
17 November, Tue
Day of the Fight for Freedom and Democracy
Struggle for Freedom and Democracy Day
18 November, Wed
Repentance Day
20 November, Fri
Revolution Day Memorial
Black Consciousness Day
21 November, Sat
Armed Forces Day
22 November, Sun
Sunday of the Dead
Teacher's Day
23 November, Mon
National Sovereignty Day
Labor Thanksgiving Day
Rudolf Maister Day
26 November, Thu
Thanksgiving Day
27 November, Fri
Aviation Day
28 November, Sat
Independence from Spain
29 November, Sun
First Sunday Advent
30 November, Mon
Bonifacio Day
St Andrew's Day
1 December, Tue
National holiday
Restoration of Independence
5 December, Sat
The King's Birthday
Father's Day
St Nicholas' Eve/Sinterklaas
6 December, Sun
Saint Nicholas Day
Constitution Day
Independence Day
Second Sunday Advent
7 December, Mon
Eve of the Feast of the Immaculate Conception
The King's Birthday
Father's Day
8 December, Tue
Feast of the Immaculate Conception
Immaculate Conception
Constitution Day
Mother Day
Virgin of Caacupe Day
Inmaculate Conception Day
10 December, Thu
Constitution Day
Human Rights Day
11 December, Fri
Chanukah I (Holiday of lights)
Anniversary of the Statute of Westminster
12 December, Sat
Chanukah II
Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe
13 December, Sun
Chanukah III
Third Sunday Advent
14 December, Mon
Chanukah IV
15 December, Tue
Chanukah V
16 December, Wed
Day of Reconciliation observed
Hanukkah VI/Rosh Chodesh Tevet
17 December, Thu
Chanukah VII
18 December, Fri
Chanukah VIII
20 December, Sun
Fourth Sunday Advent
23 December, Wed
Emperor's Birthday observed
24 December, Thu
Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve (Half Day)
25 December, Fri
Christmas Day
Constitution Day
26 December, Sat
Boxing Day
St. Stephen's Day
Second day of Christmas
Christmas Day
Synaxis of the Mother of God
2nd Christmas Day
St Stephen's Day
Independence and Unity Day
Day of Goodwill
28 December, Mon
St. Stephen's Day
Christmas/Boxing Day Holiday
Boxing Day Observed
Bank Holiday
30 December, Wed
Rizal Day
31 December, Thu
New Year's Eve
New Year's Eve (from 14 hours)
New Year`s Eve
December 31 Bank Holiday
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