07.04.201920:17:00UTC+00Japan Has Y2,676.8 Billion Current Account Surplus

Japan had current account surplus of 2,676.8 billion yen in February, the Ministry of Finance said on Monday.

That exceeded expectations for a surplus of 2,633.5 billion yen following the 600.4 billion yen surplus in January.

Exports were down 1.9 percent on year to 6,307.0 billion yen, while imports skidded an annual 6.6 percent to 5,817.8 billion yen.

The trade surplus came in at 489.2 billion yen, shy of expectations for 591.3 billion yen but up from the 964.8 billion yen deficit in the previous month.

The adjusted current account showed a surplus of 1,957.6 billion, beating forecasts for 1,920.9 billion yen and up from 1,833.0 billion yen a month earlier.

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