US implements restrictions on Huawei’s chip supply

US implements restrictions on Huawei’s chip supply

The escalation of the trade conflict between the United States and China has significantly affected a number of Chinese tech companies, including Huawei Technologies. Recently, US President Donald Trump has restricted Huawei’s access to the global supply chain. The company’s authorities considered the move by the US to be totally unjustified. Experts fear that these measures will have an adverse effect on the tech giant’s activity. Huawei’s officials are ready to take action to reduce the negative impact of this decision on business processes. According to the White House administration, all foreign companies should require license for sales to Huawei of semiconductors made with US technology. The Chinese tech giant is faced with a tough situation. However, Huawei is trying to obey the rules established by the US government. Huawei’s representatives noted that the company increased its development amid pressure from Washington. In 2019, the US blacklisted the Chinese telecommunication company for allegedly posing a national security risk. Washington had previously accused Huawei of violating sanctions against Iran. Meanwhile, Huawei’s authorities still consider these accusations unfounded.


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