Finland may face deficit of coffee and pineapples

Finland may face deficit of coffee and pineapples

According to the Helsingin Sanomat publication, which refers to K-group, a large supplier of goods in Finland, the country may face a significant shortage of coffee and pineapples. Supplies of various types of fish, including tuna, could also be disrupted.

Some analysts suppose that these interruptions could have been provoked by the Suez Canal traffic jam caused by the stuck ship, Ever Given. Some goods may disappear from Finnish stores. First of all, the country’s citizens will feel the shortage of coffee beans, pineapples, and tuna.

At the moment, suppliers have to develop new routes to deliver goods, although they are more expensive. This will surely lead to higher prices of goods. Helsingin Sanomat emphasizes that the price of both imported and exported products will soar.

The possible appreciation of goods is initially caused by a shipping backlog of 321 ships in the Suez Canal. A giant container vessel stuck in the waterway moving to Rotterdam (the Netherlands) from China. The incident took place on March 23. The situation was somehow settled only five days later.


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