Swedes use bank cards more often than other Europeans

Swedes use bank cards more often than other Europeans

While some people prefer using cash money, the Swedes have almost switched to bank cards. Citizens of Sweden use bank cards much more often than citizens of other European countries.

The survey unveiled that 76% of the population in Sweden prefer paying by means of bank cards. In Finland and Norway, the share of people who use cashless payment is 70% and 67% respectively.

At the same time, in Germany, most people still use cash despite the fact that during the pandemic the whole world switched to bank cards. Only 38% of the German population pay with cards. Almost half of polled citizens (49%) choose cash money to pay for goods. At the same time, in supermarkets, women (52%) more often pay with cash than men (45%). In Austria, the share of bank card opponents is almost the same as in Germany and totals 47%. In Sweden, the share of those who refuse to use bank cards is just 9%, whereas in Finland, it is 15%.  Mobile payments have become extremely popular in Australia, the Netherlands (17%), and the UK (14%). In Germany, only 9% of citizens choose this payment method. Notably, it is really popular among the people aged 26-35 that is 16% of all the population.


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