19.02.202102:05 Forex Analysis & Reviews: How will global companies use Bitcoin?

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The two previous months have been important for the growth of the cryptomarket, and in particular, Bitcoin. It is clear that the leading digital asset is gaining global popularity, having increased attention from retail and large investors, which pushes the whole crypto market forward. And, judging by the latest headlines, there will be a new universal position for digital assets in the global financial system, which will neutralize the coin's weaknesses.

Primarily, they want Bitcoin to be more versatile, ignoring its investment potential. Bitcoin can be converted into several ways. For example, introducing the asset into payment systems for carrying out household financial transactions, as a full-scale means of payment. This idea is supported by Visa and Mastercard, which develop software and open up opportunities for operations with Bitcoin. In addition, Tesla Motors announced that Bitcoins can be used to pay for the company's products. Such thought was also supported by Christie's auction house, which will accept cryptocurrency payment for the first time. The artist, Beeple, will be the subject of the auction. However, the key problem with this conversion idea is the volatility of cryptocurrency, which is unlikely to vanish in the foreseeable future.

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The second method of using the main cryptocurrency will most likely be amid the COVID-19 crisis, which made the whole world suffer. Bitcoin has been an exemplary instrument to hedge against inflation. Due to low interest rates, many traders change their stance on most exchange instruments. On the contrary, Bitcoin holders not only saved their assets in 2020, but also increased their profitability. The Motley Fool believes that this quality of the coin will allow it to hold its position and reduce volatility after a decade. Due to this, the consulting firm tweeted that they purchase $ 5 million worth of bitcoins. The company plans to use the digital asset as a means of payment, as well as a hedging tool against inflation.

It can be concluded that the cryptocurrency market is just starting to grow extremely. Despite its volatility, there are enough other rescue levers available for digital assets to hold their position – increasing market interest, media instruments, and retail and large investors will give them a degree of protection. This will counteract the issue of volatility soon. However, cryptocurrency is still currently a high-risk investment target.

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