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Is your company an ECN-broker?

InstaForex is an ECN broker providing qualitative trading services on the Forex market. Cooperation with major market makers and brokers complete with large customer base provide InstaForex with high liquidity and opportunity to make fast online service available for its clients.

There are a lot of different ambiguous descriptions of ECN trading on the Internet, however you should not believe everything written on the net. Trading with ECN implies usage of deals bigger than 1 market lot deals, thus making it impossible for clients with Micro and Mini Forex accounts. That is why our company offers trading with ECN by a scheme of all clients' lots summarizing with the further transferring to the counter agent. Every client makes a deal with another one or is a part of summarized position transferred to other ECN-type brokers which serves as counterparty.

Giving the definition of trading with ECN, a deal of 0.01-10 InstaForex lot cannot be a 100% ECN-deal. However, transaction reporting system of InstaForex gives an opportunity to clients with accounts lower than Standard Forex to obtain simultaneously all the advantages of trading with ECN and usual brokerage (in particular, profitable trading conditions, which are not available with direct trading with ECN).

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