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Delay in deposit/withdrawal of funds

Late withdrawal or replenishment of funds can have many different reasons. But very often this happens not through the fault of the company, but due to some external factors.

Some of the most common reasons for delays are:

- finding the site of the payment system where the withdrawal takes place under a DDoS attack;

- indication of incorrect withdrawal details.

It should also be borne in mind that there may be simple technical problems with any payment system, which the company may simply not know about. 

In case of any problems on the part of InstaForex, we promptly inform our clients about it in the news or on the forum.

For such situations, a little restraint and prudence is still required, which we call our clients in advance. Regardless of what problem the client is facing, whether it is withdrawing or replenishing funds, he should always remember that his funds will not be lost anywhere, and your maximum information content when contacting support can speed up the process of solving the problem.


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