The following requirements apply to an ID card downloaded for account verification:

1. The photo must be clear and in color.

2. The image must be completely inside the frame (including corners and edges of lamination). A dark photo or unreadable ID data often lead to refusal. *

3. Both sides of the ID card must be scanned.

4. The image must not bear visible signs of erasing, additions, struck-out wording or other unwarranted corrections, or traces of image editing.

5. The ID card must bear a good-quality photo.

6. The name(s) and date of birth on the ID card must fully match those in the account information.

7. The document must be valid at the time of the enquiry (the ID card must be valid at least 6 months from the day of the verification request) and must bear all required stamps and signatures.

8. The same document cannot be downloaded for two different levels of verification. **

9. The acceptable file formats are as follows: .png, .jpeg, .jpg, .gif and .pdf. The maximum file size is 8 MB, the minimum resolution is 400 px.

10. All capitals are not allowed for the name(s) in an account or profile. Only the first letter(s) of the name(s) may be capitalized.

11. For additional protection of the photo of your ID card, you can place a watermark For verification or For InstaForex. However, this watermark must not cover any personal information in the document. ***

* Do not make a full-length or a head-and-shoulders photo. To make a good quality photo, hold the ID card at face level or slightly lower. Please make sure that the fingers holding the card do not cover the data on it, and that the card does not cover a part of your face. Please make sure that the location is well lit. The better the lighting, the clearer the photo. Please also note that the information on the ID card must be readable left to right, do not mirror-image the shot.

** This requirement also applies for the same side of the ID card provided for two different levels of verification. However, two different sides of the same ID card may be provided for two different levels of verification. For example, if the front side of the card is provided for the first-level verification, the rear side may be downloaded for the second-level verification, and vice versa. Despite this being the same document, such use of sides is sufficient for the level upgrade.

*** According to the Public Offer Agreement, the Company guarantees that the Client’s personal data, and especially the ID card data provided by the Client, shall be held confidential and not be disclosed.

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