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What are the requirements for the participants of the One Million Option contest?

1. Every owner of an InstaForex trading account has a right to take part in the contest on a weekly basis.

2. Clients over 18 years old have a right to participate in the contest.

3. Every participant should register on the InstaForex website.

4. The participant opens a separate DEMO account to participate in each weekly competition.

5. The contestants should provide authentic data upon registration, including the full name as it is written in the ID, and a valid email address.

6. If the Company detects that trading on two or more accounts is conducted from the same IP address, the company reserves the right to disqualify their owner(-s). Therefore, we highly recommend not to use GPRS and 3G modems.

7. The Company reserves the right to decline to register any contestant with no explanation, as well as to disqualify any participant during or after the contest explaining the reason. The opening of big volume opposite orders with the same currency pairs on different trading accounts at approximately the same time, as well as the use of errors in the quote flow for getting a guaranteed profit are some of the reasons for disqualification.

8. Signing up for the contest, the participant accepts all the rules and regulations applied to the contest.

9. Participation of close relatives in the contest is forbidden. If any registration data from the contestant's account coincides with the registration data of another participant, the company may regard this as the reason for disqualification.

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