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Limits on deposit/withdrawal of funds

The limits are imposed primarily on withdrawals. You have to use the same payment system that was used for depositing and to the same account or wallet (e.g. a Skrill wallet). If you top up your trading account using different currencies and payment systems, you should withdraw money proportionally to the payment systems used for depositing.

Example 1: you have deposited $500 to your trading account by wire transfer and $300 via a Skrill wallet. In percentage terms, we will get $500 by a wire transfer which is 62.5%, and $300 from a Skrill wallet which is 37.5%. Then, you made some profits, and your balance amounted to $1,600. According to the proportion, you can withdraw $1,000 via wire transfer to the banking US dollar account and $600 to the Skrill wallet.

In case you have lost all the available funds on your account (if Stop Out was triggered), and the account balance is reset, the previous proportions of deposits from different wallets and payment systems are no longer valid. In other words, if the account was funded in two different ways and you had to take into account the proportion of finds withdrawal, then after the reset account is topped up in any way, no proportion should be calculated.

Example 2: imagine that after account funding (Example 1) you have not doubled the deposit but lost the money. Then you replenished your account with $500 from a Skrill wallet. Now you can withdraw all your funds to a Skrill wallet.

InstaForex does not limit the amount of funds withdrawn from the client's trading account in any way. You can withdraw all available funds in your account at any time. Please note that the withdrawal request is processed only within the working hours of the Finance Department (from 08:00 to 17:00 GMT+00, Saturday and Sunday are days off), but the withdrawals from the trading account balance occur instantly after the withdrawal form filling at the Money withdrawal page.

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