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Nonfarm Payrolls

Non Farm Payrolls

Non-Farm Payrolls (NFP) is the number of new jobs created  in the nonfarm industry per month. Payroll is the list of employees that are entitled to receive pay. It is the most important economic indicator, after Gross domestic product (GDP), as it impacts on sentiment over a period of an entire month. This is a highly significant indicator showing the change in employment level in a country. When the index grows, it reflects an increase in the employment level and leads to a rise in the US dollar rate. It is called “the indicator of market manipulation”. There is a rule that an increase in the value of the index by 200K per month is equivalent to a 3.0% spike in GDP. The data is usually published on the first Friday of every month at 08:30 am EST. The minimal trading signal is a 40K change. A greater change, like 100–200K, may cause a very strong market movement. Economists use non-farm payrolls to predict other economic indicators. For example, there is a strong correlation between non farm payrolls and housing construction, or industrial production and personal income. The data is also used to make the GDP forecast.

Source: US Department of Labor

Publication frequency: monthly basis

Release schedule: one week after the end of a corresponding month

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