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Torben Melsted

Expert in Technical analysis and Risk Management, InstaForex Analyst, Author of various articles and blogs

Elliott Wave theory

What do the trading market and ocean have in common? They are both large, mighty and... have their own waves.

When studying quotation charts, Ralph Nelson Elliott, an American accountant, noted that there are certain patterns of price development at the market. If you have a look at the price diagram, you can highlight price movements' changes. They look like waves. Knowing the length of one wave, we may predict the most likely length of the next wave.. But how does this theory work in real life and how can you use it when trading?

Got interested? Then we are waiting for you at our webinar dedicated to Elliott Wave theory.

During the webinar our expert Torben Melsted will answer the following questions:

  • What is Elliott wave theory?
  • What are the basic elements?
  • How to predict market movements using Elliott Wave Theory.
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Speaker: Torben Melsted

Torben was born in November 1962. He graduated from CBS holding a degree in finance. He started trading on Forex in 1986 and has been engaged in such activities as advising clients, hedging client flows on FX and commodity markets. He also worked at major corporations as a Financial Risk Manager. He uses Elliott wave analysis in combination with classic technical analysis, and has been using a Calmar Ratio of 5.0 for over 3 years. Torben has his own blog, where he uses Elliott wave and technical analysis on all financial markets.

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