Forex Analysis & Reviews: US stock market closes higher, Dow Jones gains 0.55%
time 09.12.2022 04:20 AM
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At the close of the New York Stock Exchange, the Dow Jones rose 0.55%, the S&P 500 rose 0.75%, and the NASDAQ Composite rose 1.13%.

The leading performer among the components of the Dow Jones index today was Nike Inc, which gained 3.03 points (2.80%) to close at 111.36. Quotes of Cisco Systems Inc rose by 0.81 points (1.68%), closing the auction at 48.99. Boeing Co rose 2.58 points or 1.46% to close at 179.08.

The least gainers were Goldman Sachs Group Inc, which shed 1.84 points (0.51%) to end the session at 358.08. American Express Company was up 0.65 points (0.42%) to close at 154.12, while 3M Company was down 0.35 points (0.28%) to close at 126. 00.

Leading gainers among the S&P 500 index components in today's trading were SVB Financial Group, which rose 6.89% to 222.64, NVIDIA Corporation, which gained 6.51% to close at 171.69, and shares of Ceridian HCM Holding Inc, which rose 5.05% to end the session at 65.83.

The least gainers were Lincoln National Corporation, which shed 10.86% to close at 31.45. Shares of Avery Dennison Corp shed 6.54% to end the session at 179.22. Quotes of Aptiv PLC decreased in price by 4.47% to 93.42.

Leading gainers among the components of the NASDAQ Composite in today's trading were Pharvaris BV, which rose 356.57% to hit 11.46, Rent the Runway Inc, which gained 74.26% to close at 2.37, and also shares of Qutoutiao Inc, which rose 59.66% to end the session at 0.83.

Eiger Biopharmaceuticals Inc was the biggest loser, shedding 69.53% to close at 1.17. Relmada Therapeutics Inc lost 47.84% to end the session at 2.17. Design Therapeutics Inc (NASDAQ:DSGN) was down 33.33% at 8.46.

On the New York Stock Exchange, the number of securities that rose in price (1,727) exceeded the number of those that closed in the red (1,352), while quotes of 123 shares remained virtually unchanged. On the NASDAQ stock exchange, 2154 companies rose in price, 1554 fell, and 218 remained at the level of the previous close.

The CBOE Volatility Index, which is based on S&P 500 options trading, fell 1.72% to 22.29.

Gold futures for February delivery added 0.18%, or 3.25, to $1.00 a troy ounce. In other commodities, WTI January futures fell 0.44%, or 0.32, to $71.69 a barrel. Futures for Brent crude for February delivery fell 1.13%, or 0.87, to $76.30 a barrel.

Meanwhile, on the Forex market, EUR/USD rose 0.50% to hit 1.06, while USD/JPY edged up 0.01% to hit 136.62.

Futures on the USD index fell 0.28% to 104.76.

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