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EURUSD 1.118 1.1183
GBPUSD 1.5365 1.5368
USDJPY 119.62 119.65
USDCHF 0.9608 0.9611
USDCAD 1.2485 1.2488
EURJPY 133.75 133.78
EURCHF 1.0742 1.0747
GBPJPY 183.79 183.86
GBPCHF 1.4763 1.477
GOLD 1205.37 1205.97

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Calculate your chances of winning Lotus!

The winner of super drawing and new Lotus Evora will be determined within the Sports Lotus is Your Trade Bonus campaign at June 2014. However, right now you can check your chances for the honor of owning a new sport car Lotus Evora by the British Lotus car producer.
The form below will help you to calculate your chances of possessing a sport car Lotus Evora with InstaForex Company. All you need is to enter one parameter - the number of accounts registered for the Sports Lotus is Your Trade Bonus campaign.
Number of opened accounts:
Your winning probability:
or 1:-