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We should know our champions by sight! InstaForex Company starts publishing pictures of the best traders who succeeded to win our contests. Also our winners express their opinions regarding InstaForex contests and campaigns.

Irina Kuznetsova “Real Scalping” (08/01/2011-08/27/2011), 3d place place gainer
I am thankful to InstaForex Company for the chance to take part in such an enthralling contest! A month is the best period for tournaments; one can elaborate his/her tactics and have impressive trading results. I am particularly grateful for detailed online monitoring table – it is always exciting to observe the rivals’ accounts! I have no doubts about the transparency of this contest.
Heri Winarso “Real Scalping” (08/01/2011-08/27/2011), 8th place place gainer
I think that i’m so lucky to know so many contest that I can join, very happy to be participant of contest and become a winner… next time I’ll trying better for the first winner” Thanks a lot.
Chong Kwang Chyen “Great Race” (25/07/2011–27/08/2011), 9th place gainer
Thanks again Instaforex. This is a very good experience.
Sergey Tkachenko “Great Race” (25/07/2011–27/08/2011), 6th place place gainer
Thanks, InstaForex Company, for a great contest. The rules are very simple. You do not need to hurry up. You can just take your time and experiment with cross rates.
Reynaldo I. Deniega “Great Race” (25/07/2011–27/08/2011), 7th place gainer
I knew most of my competitors are able traders that is why I was very surprised when I found out that I made it to 7th place. I’m very happy with the result and very thankful for instaforex for sponsoring this competitive game.
Heri Winarso “Great Race” (25/07/2011–27/08/2011), 2nd place gainer
Im very happy… wooowww….. I got it… 2000 USD. Thanks Insta!
Elena V. Matsaeva “Rally FX-1” (08/12/2011 –08/013/2011), 1st place gainer
I would like to thank InstaForex for its contests! It was an excellent and energetic contest in which it was pleasant to take part!
Olga G. Prokopenko ‘Rally FX-1” (08/13/2011 – 08/20/2011), 3th place gainer
Thank you very much for an interesting contest! I wish good luck to all participants of the contest!
Oleg I. Zykov “Rally FX -1“ (08/26/2011 – 08/27/2011), 4th place gainer
Thank you, InstaForex, for this marvelous contest! I am so happy about my wining! Though I regret not having proceeded upper than the 4th prize again! I will take part in it over and over again!..
Jeanne Prokhorenko “Rally FX-1” (08/05/2011 – 08/06/2011), 5th place gainer
I am always excited about your contests. Even though I got the last prize, still I am pleased with the result. Thank you!
Khalaf Nasrallah “InstaForex Sniper” (15/08/2011–20/08/2011), 4th place gainer
“I like Insa Trade and i love these contests, i allowes participat on these contest and i am going to participate on the future, thank you InastaForex.”
Tatyana A. Zys’ “InstaForex-Sniper” (08/15/2011-08/20/2011), 1st place gainer
The trading week appeared very successful for me! So I am in the list of the winners! Thank you, InstaForex for a generous prize!
Vadim A. Cherepovich “InstaForex-Sniper” (08/22/2011-08/27/2011), 2nd place gainer
What can I say… There not so many brokers who hold such contests for their customers, where one can win good prizes and the rules are very clear. InstaForex is the best as to this issue! And moreover, the contests by InstaForex are not just the best trading, they are like sports where one fights, uses own strategy and adrenaline overwhelms.
Sergey A. Tkachenko “InstaForex-Sniper” (08/22/2011-08/27/2011), 4th place gainer
I would like to thank InstaForex for an excellent contest.
Ivan T. Hadjioglo “InstaForex Sniper” (08/22/2011–08/27/2011), 1st place gainer
I am really excited about having gained the first prize in the contest “InstaForex-Sniper”. I was very stubborn on my way to victory for a long time! Thank you, InstaForex, for such good contests and good luck to everyone!
Vladislav Dobrovolski “InstaForex-Снайпер” (08/15/2011-08/20/2011), 5th place gainer
I am grateful for providing me with an opportunity to get the prize in this contest again. Thank you, InstaForex, for organizing such contests!
Sergej A. Romanyuk “Lucky Trader” (08/15/2011-27/08/2011), 3th place gainer
I keep saying to everybody that the contest “LuckyTrader” is SUPER, especially for those who are mastering their scalping skills. Even though I do not like scalping, but I do partake in “LuckyTrader” on the regular basis from the very first step of the contest. And of course I do manage to get into the mighty eight sometimes. Thank you for this unique contest in the Internet!
Sekar M “Lucky Trader”, (08/15/2011-27/08/2011), 2nd place gainer
Many thanks to you, InstaForex, for making my Forex trading career a reality!
Vladimir V. Schur “Lucky Trader” (08/15/2011-08/27/2011), 4th place gainer
Thank you very much for good news. I am a regular participant of this contest. Actually I tried to take part in numerous contests of different companies but recently I decided to stop searching and to get involved in the competitions held by you. I also have a real trading account with you though I checked through several companies and limited myself with your contests which attract by diversity in forms and the terms of duration, by stability, and a simple way to register and participate, as every trader can choose a contest to his or her liking and to regularly work on the trading style with the account of personal skills. I am very grateful to your company for providing conditions for comfortable work of traders.
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